mercredi 7 décembre 2022

Now you can promote your website using our brand

Now you can promote your website using our brand new advertising solution that guarantees your advertisement will be displayed directly in front of the potential customer. Would you like to advertise your site in a way that people can't ignore? Pop-in advertising is much more effective than regular pop-under, banner ad or pop-up ads. WHY? Pop-in ads pop up RIGHT IN FRONT of the visitors NOT somewhere in the background! Pop-in (Fly-in) ads will pop-in right in front of the visitor and IMMEDIATELY grab the visitors attention! Every time a visitor visits one of the thousands of sites in our network of high volume websites, your web page will show right in front of the visitor and will immediately grab his attention! This is the basis for all such website visitor traffic using this highly successful and BRAND NEW technology. Pop-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers Although pop-in ads are open in their own window, they cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers. Pop-In ads are dazzling, unexpected, and not found anywhere else on the net, so your audience will be instantly captivated. Since Pop-In Ads cannot be ignored, 100% of the people who you advertise to will pay attention to your ad. Pop-in ad can be either a web page or image (.jpg or .gif, and animation is okay), and a size of 500x350 (Sample 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). Don't have your own pop-in ad image? NO PROBLEM! We will create it for you for FREE! A $29.95 bonus! > Create an account now and generate your winning marketing campaign using the most innovative delivery method the Internet has seen. It only takes a minute. Enjoy Targeted Pop-In Advertising! Pop-In Ads cannot be ignored Pop-In Ads will instantly capture the immediate attention of your audience Pop-In Ads are only shown to targeted, interested prospects Pop-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers You can be up and running with Pop-In Ads in just 1 minut. No Adult Related Content is advertised CONVERSION RATES ARE EXCELLENT Campaigns that are ready to go will be activated the next business day. Starting at $19 - Order Now The results can be instantaneous. Within hours you will start to see results!

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