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What is Internet Marketing? What are the main tools of Web Marketing?

Web marketing is essential in the life of your business.

Indeed, it is now difficult to break through and grow your business without Webmarketing. Is this a hype or a digital advertisement?

Webmarketing: definition and process

Webmarketing can be defined with a very simple sentence: Use the Internet to make yourself known, and/or develop your business.

But we can also go a little deeper, and say that it is all the marketing and advertising techniques used in an Internet environment inspired by methods specific to traditional marketing with specificities linked to technological advances.

In short, it is simply a modern, digital or even current version of traditional marketing using the modern communication channel that is “Internet”: email, social networks, online videos…

How to do it ? By improving the visibility of your site, your page as much as possible, while establishing a relationship with its visitors, Internet users (setting up interactions), by also creating a registration form or subscription to a "newsletter ".

Finally, there are many marketing techniques available to entrepreneurs on the good old web!

The four categories of web marketing

We can therefore discern four main categories in web marketing:

Strategic web marketing. It consists of analyzing expectations and requests on the web and establishing or implementing monitoring or good positioning,

Traffic creation. We use natural referencing (also called SEO), online advertising, emailing, contests…

Performance analysis. It is translated by the analysis of visibility, generated traffic and sales,

Loyalty. Animation and/or redesign, and the creation of a community, emailing is also a loyalty tool.

The main challenge of web marketing

Get traffic, i.e. visitors at first. These visitors will become prospects and could later become loyal customers or fans.

These fans who, in turn, could recommend you to other potential prospects. They ensure the growth of your turnover and your advertising campaign.

What are the main web marketing tools?

The land is really big! However, we can identify six main categories of web marketing media:

"Classic" tools

Group email is the first if you want to acquire and retain several prospects/customers at the same time.

Affiliate techniques. They consist of paying subscribers or affiliates to then generate quote requests. Affiliation also makes it possible to obtain subscriptions to a service or purchases of products.

Sponsorship or partnership. Solicit partnerships or sponsorship of content with other editorial sites.

The display. We buy space on the Internet and we use graphic elements (banners, tiles) to advertise.

Sponsored links. Supposed to be effective because the advertiser chooses the positioning they want and as far as possible the first position in the results of Internet searches. The ad looks almost like a normal link resulting from a search but in fact, the advertiser wins with each click of Internet users.

Social networks

On Facebook you can post information about your offers and services.

You will then need to create a business page. Facebook is by far the most used network in France with more than 33 million profiles and pages. It is the network of choice for B to C advertisers. It is also the network most used by companies, ahead of Twitter and LinkedIn.

YouTube & Dailymotion are video hosting and sharing sites. YouTube is by far the leading video platform.

Twitter is the microblogging network that allows you to send short messages.

It is the favorite network of politicians. Companies are only beginning to invest in Twitter, its popularity is growing.

Viadeo & LinkedIn are the professional networks par excellence.

You can recruit collaborators, join groups or share to impose your status as a professional or expert in your field of activity. You can also advertise there.

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